Merlin Service and Repairs

We service and repair all makes and models of Merlin Garage door Openers.

Repair Services to Meet Your Needs

If you’re looking for a service or repair to your Merlin garage door opener, look no further. We’ve been installing, repairing and servicing Merlin garage door openers for over two decades. With thousands of units repaired and installed, we’ve seen just about everything and have a solution for any problem you may have.

With fast turn around times and affordable, reliable service, there’s no wonder we have become Melbourne’s most trusted garage door repair company. With hundreds of positive online reviews, a quick google search will tell you exactly why you should trust us to sort out your Merlin garage door problems.

Merlin Motors we Service and Repair:

Merlin 430R

Merlin 230T

Merlin M430R

Merlin M230T

Merlin MR600

Merlin MR800

Merlin MR850

Merlin MR1000

Merlin MT600

Merlin MT800

Merlin MT1000

Merlin MT3850

Merlin MT3850EVO

Merlin MR950EVO

Merlin MR550EVO

Merlin MR855EVO

Merlin MR850EVO

Merlin MR650EVO

Merlin MT60EVO

Merlin MT100EVO

Merlin MT120EVO

Merlin MR655MYQ

Merlin MR855MQ

Merlin MS65MYQ

Merlin MS105MYQ

Merlin MT110MYQ

Merlin MS125MYQ

Merlin MS125MYQX

Merlin MJ3800

Merlin MJ3800R

Merlin MJ3800MYQ